Bree Hayward for Cooly Rocks On

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Bree Hayward for Cooly Rocks On

Post by andrew666 on Fri May 27, 2011 5:27 am

Bree Hayward says she is more excited about Cooly Rocks On than her birthday. She will be entering the Miss Pin Up competition this year and aims to take the title. She considers herself dead gorgeous.

The Miss Pin Up competition has three categories. For the over-30s, there is Miss Classic Pin-Up; for the voluptuous there is Miss Va Va Voom Pin-Up (count me in the audience for that one!), and for sexy ink girls, there's Miss Illustrated Pin-Up.

Bree says she's always been a big fan of the pin-up culture. “I am obsessed with the golden age of Hollywood,” she says, “I always thought it was classy. I have been involved in the pin-up scene for about three years. It's really a strong culture in Brisbane and West End. It's growing in popularity everywhere, but it's definitely a counter-culture on the Gold Coast.”

Visit the Polaroid Lounge at Cooly Rocks On:


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