Kustom Kar Kulture in Deutschland!!

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Kustom Kar Kulture in Deutschland!! Empty Kustom Kar Kulture in Deutschland!!

Post by andrew666 on Sat Mar 26, 2011 9:59 am

Up to speed on the fast-growing Kustom Kar scene in Germany? No? Then read on........

Like any kustom kar scene, there are different strands that they divide themselves up into. Hot-rod lovers, for example, take over the airfield in Hünxe every summer for Bottrop Kustom Kultur, the largest show of its kind in Germany.

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Hey Guys! Come visit me at Bottrup

Why are hot rods so popular? “It’s weird because Germany invented the automobile, but doesn’t seem to have much fun with it,” says Ralf Becker, who runs Chromjuwelen, a Website devoted to classic American automotive memorabilia. “German motor sport is more about technology and progress. It lacks the emotional personality-driven feel of American motorsport. That’s what I like about America.”

Ralf explains how things have changed in Germany. “Years ago all the kids wanted to have a BMW 3 Series. The world was secure and Germany was at the top in terms of technology. Now the world is a different place and all those kids want to have a Ford Mustang. The Ford Mustang is the new BMW 3.”

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The bad-boy image of kustom kulture is proving irrisistibel to new german youth. “We started with the German cars, but American cars are bigger and have more horsepower,” says Helge Thomsen, who loves 60s designs. He has a 1966 Dodge Coronet wagon.

Oliver Kaps runs Style Deluxe, a hot-rod shop in Hamburg. He criticises Mopar drivers, people who over-customise their cars and parade them at festivals. “For me these people are weekend drivers. If you are into the custom cars and into the lifestyle you have to live it. The people who drive muscle cars don’t look like they drive muscle cars.”

Despite his critics who sometimes argue his views are too extreme, Hr. Kaps lives the dream. He surrounds himself with images of hot-rods, pinup girls and has a rockabilly sneer to die for.


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Kustom Kar Kulture in Deutschland!! Empty Re: Kustom Kar Kulture in Deutschland!!

Post by Scratchbuilt on Wed Mar 30, 2011 1:22 pm

A few american sevicemen have hotrods, hence the reason they manage to steer clear of the strict rego system over there. It might have changed now.


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