Halloween - La Touissant!

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Halloween - La Touissant!

Post by andrew666 on Wed Oct 20, 2010 8:44 pm

It's fast approaching and time to catch up with Mad Tea Party and their new album, Rock'n'Roll Ghoul:

Jason and Amy come from Asheville (famous for not being Nashville) and took their name from Alice in Wonderland. "I was thinking about being Alice in Wonderland," Amy says, "Becoming a musician is a lot like jumping down the rabbit hole. It's a leap of faith and a new world. It's sort of surreal. You are really big and then small, really confident then insecure."

This is the band's second Halloween release, "The first was The Zombie Boogie," Amy confirms, "We love Halloween. It's fun to play with that theme. Jason had this image in his mind of someone in the business who metaphorically eats the flesh of the artist."


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