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Post by andrew666 on Wed Jan 05, 2011 5:26 am

If you don't read the Herald Sun, you might have missed their fascinating article on the Lindy Charm School for girls - an organisation dedicated to putting the feminine back into female and to recalling an age of chivalry and harmony.

Run by Christine Keepence on the Gold Coast, the organisation praises the use of fifties female paraphernalia such as stockings, corsets and girdles. "I like what they do for my posture," Christine says, "I love the way women used to be groomed from head to toe for every occasion, be it a dash to the supermarket, cleaning the house, entertaining friends or hosting a soiree. I think of it as an art form."

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Christine argues that by having more clearly defined roles, men and woman can work more closely together in partnership. "I love that my husband is the strong fix-it guy who brings home the bacon," she adds, "He can bake cookies and sew on a button, but, as a gentleman, he still likes to pay for things when we go out, or walk roadside of me."

Pia Anderson, from Sydney, supports the aims of the Lindy Charm School. "I love it when a guy opens the car door for me," she explains, "That doesn't mean I'm allowing him to rule my world. It's a beautiful thing that shouldn't be frowned upon by society. Within the vintage and rockabilly scenes, there's a shared appreciation and understanding of chivalry between men and women, so you feel looked after, respected and safe."

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Pia Anderson

Candice DeVille from Melbourne argues that women are selling themselves short by conforming to today's androgynous dress codes. "It breaks my heart to see that so many female role models have no decorum, no poise - and no underwear," she states.

Lindy Charm School for Girls Candice-DeVille-JUL10_0147
Candice DeVille

For Lindy Charm's, Christine Keepence, choosing to dress with elegance and style is a form of militantcy. "A lot of men love looking after women in little ways, but it's been beaten out of them to the point that they don't feel comfortable offering a woman a compliment for fear of being labelled sexist," she explains, "I detest that whenever I expect general gentlemanly courtesies, I'm slapped down with, 'Well, you gals wanted to be equal, so open your own door.'"

You can find out more about the Lindy Charm School for Girls here:


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Post by Fertinphotography on Fri Mar 11, 2011 3:35 am

would love to do one of their couses ...

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Post by cherry on Fri Mar 11, 2011 12:42 pm

me 2 pitty, i live in melb, well geelong now..... boohoo

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