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Post by andrew666 on Fri Dec 24, 2010 9:08 am

Those of you more familiar with WWE style wrestling where women are normally shown as a valet in the endless soap of the moment (fun though that is) are in for a treat when you catch up on Luchadoras - Mexican Lady Wrestling (note, they still call them ladies in Mexico).

These women are rough, tough, fast and furious - and generally pretty good looking too. In Mexico, where wrestling is a national tradition, the ladies are held in as high regard as the men - and none more so than Sarah Stock aka Dark Angel aka Sarita:

Luchadoras - The Dark Angel Sarita Irssrljudxhnquc81tyq

You can see her wrestling here in a triple-tag event with Lady Apache, the legendary Amapola and Japanese lady wrestlers (yes, it's also big in Japan) Sahori, Hiroka and Mimi Shimoda:

Sarah, who is actually Canadian, but wrestles in Mexico and for TNA in the states, is no lightweight upstairs either. She has a degree in Chemistry and speaks three languages fluently.

Sarah began her Mexican career as a masked dark angel, but lost her mask in a legendary 45-minute bout against Monterrey-born Princesa Sugey, in a combat that began as entertainment but somewhere along the way, someone got angry and it descended into a girl-on-girl brawl that left the audience open-mouthed and cringing. The two have been mortal enemies ever since.

Luchadoras - The Dark Angel Sarita 02
Princesa Sugey

One of the most up-and-coming masked wrestlers is Sexi Star. She has had epic battles against some of the top stars of the ring including La Bruja (The Witch), La Bandida (The Bandit) and Simply Luscious.

Luchadoras - The Dark Angel Sarita Sexi-star
Sexi Star

Rumour has it that Sexi Star may be joining WWE soon.

Check out Sexi Star here in her classic War of the Titans fight against Faby Apache:


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