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Post by andrew666 on Mon Dec 20, 2010 3:37 pm

How many Elvis impersonators are there in the United States?

40,000 according to the Baltimore Sun.

Three of the best will be starring in "The 3 Kings of Christmas" in Baltimore this week, raising a tribute to the King at three distinct ages. "Elvis had a big heart, and he always spent money on gifts like there was no tomorrow," says Jed Duvall, one of the kings.

Chris Presley, Elvis no.2, recalls some of his previous Christmas shows with pride. "I've done Elvis dressed as Santa, throwing gifts to the crowd from my bag," he says, "I've sung ' Santa Claus Is Back in Town'; I've shown up with some pretty sexy elves." Hmm...sexy elves hnrhh! hnrhh!

Elvis no.3 Will Debley has been impersonating the Tupelo Titan since he was six years old. "It's a thrill helping people remember the good times they had when they were younger, and introducing the music to kids, too," he explains.

Elvis' Christmas Album, first released in 1957, has sold 24 million copies worldwide.

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Elvis Impersonators Empty Re: Elvis Impersonators

Post by 57buick on Wed Jan 05, 2011 5:15 am

If anyone here has played the new Fallout game "new vegas". There is a actually a group of Elvis impersonators living in post apocalypse Las Vegas!
Headed by a guy known only as the "King" the gang members all have pompadores and wear jail house rock outfits (will have to try and put up some screen shots) and you even have to do a mission to repair his "hound dog" classic stuff!
Especiallly when you get hold of a mod to play all your rockabilly / physcobilly tunes while blasting away wasteland mutants.

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