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Post by andrew666 on Mon Nov 01, 2010 9:11 pm

Christmas is coming - so don't forget to buy your calendar for next year. I recommend the Psycho Nurse Calendar:

Psycho Nurse Calendar PsychoNurse_teaserposter_web

Psycho Donuts is one weird doughnut shop in the Bay Area of San Jose that has developed its own strain of deviant doughnuts such as "The Psycho," a doughnut featuring lemon marshmallow glaze, chocolate, and chili powder; "The Headbanger," a doughnut with a frosted face and red, bloodlike filling spilling from the side; and "Noses and Eyeballs," mini doughnuts shaped like noses with yellow custard oozing from the nostrils.

If you're planning on opening up your own franchise, please note the shop has special seating areas labelled 'group therapy' and the more interesting 'shock therapy.' Staff, of course, all wear psycho nurse uniforms:

Psycho Nurse Calendar Psycho_nurse_by_JonnyBalls

Works for me - how about you? "The girls really round out the Psycho Donuts experience," says shop owner Jordan Zweigoron, "We're not just a doughnut shop, we're a destination filled with strange randomness."

The Psycho Nurse Calendar is a new opportunity for the business to make its mark. "Ninety percent of the girls in the calendar actually work for us, including our very first psycho nurse ever, Isabel," Jordan adds, "We just had to include her, so she's the April page."

Jordan wasn't short of props for the calendar shoot either. "One of our doughnut cooks owns a hearse and drives it to work, so that was convenient," he confirms.

The Psycho Nurse calendar is available online for a mere $US13 - a bargain at any price.


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