Seductuve Subversion - Women Pop Artists

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Seductuve Subversion - Women Pop Artists

Post by andrew666 on Sun Oct 24, 2010 10:04 am

If you're passing through NYNY over the next few months, you might want to pop into the Brooklyn Museum and catch the show, Seductive Subversion: Women Pop Artists 1958-1968.

Looking at the golden decade of pop art - the time of Warhol, Liechtenstein, Oldenburg in the States and Peter Blake in the UK - but focussing on women artists of the period, the show has some rarely seen wonders - including one of my favourite artists, Marjorie Strider:

The Green Triptych above is actually in 3-d with the...ummm...items near the top projecting off the page.

Marjorie was from the mid-west and is perhaps most famous for having made chocolate casts of Patty Oldenburg's breasts for Patty's husband Claes. Her contemporary, Rosalyn Drexler produced iconic imagery bordering on film noir:

A bit of a work of art herself, Brooklyn born Rosalyn began her working life as a lady wrestler on the Mexican circuit, bearing the name the Mexican Spitfire. It was when Andy Warhol began to do some screen prints of her that her interest and talent in art began to develop. Her work was influential on the imagery for Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs.

The beautiful Marisol Escobar produced 3-d mounted figurines like this happy little family:

Born in Paris of Venezuelan descent, Marisol appeared in the Andy Warhol film, "13 Most Beautiful Girls"

Amongst the most stunning works for me, however, are those of Martha Rosler. Still very active in the anti-war movement today, her works contrast the liberal consumerist lifestyle of the States with its aggressive foreign policy:


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