Miss Brache Rockabilly Clothing

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Miss Brache Rockabilly Clothing

Post by andrew666 on Mon Sep 27, 2010 7:50 pm

There's a new girl in school!

Miss Brache is seeking to make her living from rockabilly clothing in Miami, Florida. She would welcome some support, human contact and of course a little business. Check her out here:


And you can catch up with her on MySpace here:


What is her business philosophy? "Miss Brache is my first store," she says, "It's a work in progress and could be much better. I need to visit the Small Business Administration and try to get a mentor. I want to write a business plan and seek out an investor or loan, so I can hire help and make a better product. I need to hire someone, but the responsibility of someone else's livelihood from my business is something I'm terrified of. I want it to be a good place to work for."

What does she think of her location? "I'm on top of Moonshine Sushi, and the first floor reaks of tempura and plum sauce. My neighbors are really loud Miami guys who say bro a lot. I think they're bounty hunters. They're nice though."

Since she moved from Seattle to Miami, what does she think of her new arroyo? "I love Miami and its style," she confirms, "People like to get dressed up here and aren't afraid to push the envelope. You see women and the occasional male doing their groceries in heels."

Let's see her designs:

Cool maillot! Let's see some of her daywear:


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