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Post by andrew666 on Sat Sep 04, 2010 3:57 pm

Bobby Pitre is an old-style rockabilly artist who runs the Southern Sting Tattoo Parlour in Larose, Louisiana. With the pending closure of the fisheries that form the backbone of the local economy, his life has been hit hard by the BP oil disaster. All that remains really is his art:

Vote for Bobby Pitre! PHO-10Jun21-240241

Understandably, he's pretty upset by it all:

"What happened here could have been prevented," Bobby says, "Now what can we do? This art -- painting -- this is a way for us to scream and to be heard. Maybe it's the only thing we can do."

As his little girl grows up, he feels particularly upset by the way she will be denied the same joyful experiences he had as a child. "Last year she didn't want anything to do with fish or fishing," he says, "This year it's all she wants to do. And now they're telling us we can't fish. Crabbing and shrimping are all closed, too. How do I explain that to her? All this water here, all this space and life, and we can't fish anymore? She's not going to get to experience what I got to experience -- what my mom got to experience and her parents."

So Bobby protests in the only way he knows how - through his satirical paintings aimed at BP, the Lousiania governor and Barack Obama:

Vote for Bobby Pitre! 171738c662eb4395923f60d4258630ea

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