Ode to Wanda

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Ode to Wanda

Post by andrew666 on Wed Sep 01, 2010 11:00 pm

Oh Wanda, you know you fill my soul
With the sweetest sounds of rock’n’roll
When I see you looking so hale ‘n’ hearty
Jeez,I think, “let’s have a party.”

When I hear you sing your songs
You know I can’t tell right or wrong
Of your sweet, sweet lips, I’d love to partake
Though my life exists in the middle of heartache

You know if I cried every time you hurt me
My tears would be a chaser for your wine
I promise you mean more to me than Etta,
Gale, Dee Dee or Patsy Cline

I Dream of Fancy Satin Pillows
And the box that it came in,
I know a woman dreams of love
And the gentle soul it holds within


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