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Post by milt57 on Thu May 27, 2010 11:41 pm

Hey everyone, thought I would bring a new club and business to your attention, my name is Milton and some of you know of me already, I drive a 61 Cadillac with a big horn, well a mate of mine Ray who drives a yellow 67 Chevy with a flame job and I started a new club/business called, you can visit the website and have a look if you like, there are recent pictures of Kats event Kustom Kulture, thanks Kat, we had a great morning with you guys, as I was saying a number of pictures of some very nice looking young ladies, more than worthy of being pin up models, you can go to: and take a look.

The website is set up so that you can see what events are coming up re car shows and swap meets, there will be many other events going up on the site very soon, as this is a very new website and a lot more has to be added, but not only is it a place to see what events are coming up and we we have been up to but two important parts to this website are its a cruising club, yes if you are looking to go cruising with a number of cars to a particular event or just on a Friday or Saturday night, or even Sunday we will be having plenty of them and we would love you to join us, the one we are doing every Friday night is the Ferry Road Diner in Southport and then a cruise up to Munchies, so keep an eye out for us and come and say hello, and come and join us for a cruise, we believe that an important part of any event is the drive (cruise) to get there, as a lot more of the general public that may not come to the events get to see your car.

The other part of the club is that for some dollars you can register your car on our website, the payment will include a picture on the home page of your car, you can click on your picture that will take you to a whole page devoted to your car alone, with pictures you supply, you will receive 500 Full Colour Business Cards with our logo on the front and on the back in full colour is a picture of your car with all your own details. Over the next several months we will be heavily promoting the club, not only to all car clubs around the Gold Coast and Brisbane, but the whole of Australia, we are also promoting the club to businesses which include advertising, and event planning businesses, schools etc for formals, so the website will become a one stop shop for picking a car to book for a static display, advertising, film/movie work, music videos, commercials, model shoots, weddings, formals etc. And at the moment we are in negotiations with Queensland Transport in obtaining the proper licence to do weddings & formals, so if it all works out with QT you can do them with the peace of mind that you are legal.

So go have a look, see what you think, and send us an email if you would like to be included. If you don't want to register you don't have too, just join us for a cruise!!!

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