Viva Van's Opinion

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Viva Van's Opinion

Post by My Little Rockabilly Kat on Fri Apr 17, 2009 11:35 am

what do you think gals? i think the same thing is happening in this country

his year was my first year walking around Viva Las Vegas and really viewing the crowd and meeting some of the gals in the scene who love our Kulture. Girls always ask me what can I do to get noticed etc. so I decided to put my opinions into bullets here. I've gone to shows in Germany and my experience at Viva was so different from my experience in the UK. So here it goes. This is only my opinion.

* Try to wear more vintage dresses and accessories. You look more original when you come up with a great find that no one else is wearing. Do not be a poster for these clothing lines telling you to wear their clothes to be pinup. A couple here and there mixed with vintage items but do not solely wear reproductions. It feels so fake and unoriginal. The best outfits in VLV for me was a cowgirl pant suit with hat and a 1940s look with a hat and feather wrap by Cadaver Couture I saw that was super Hollywood and glamorous worn by model Mather who was working in the Stop Staring booth. Clever and completely period correct. An instant "oh my god" from everyone. I was sick of seeing the same dresses on every girl. Try to come up with your own style not buy one. Stay away from online reproductions for every event. They will tell you to wear there clothing to be pinup but it only fills their pocket and makes you a poster for them. Be original. Go shopping at eBay, vintage markets for your clothing. Get old books showing the way ladies dressed in the 1940s - 1950s.

* Pinup is NOT who has the biggest boobies and who can almost reveal a nipple contest. Seriously .. It’s not hot.. It’s trashy! In Germany the women NEVER dress this way at the events. Always vintage and always classy. Cleavage is good but keep it under control. You want people to look at your style not your boobs. Unless that is all you really have to show? Sad Vegas was looking like a strip bar with some of these outfits.

* GREAT HAIR... Classic and well-constructed hair doesn't need a flower shop on your head. Please girls. Just one or two small ones.. Don't hide bad hair with too many flowers. A well-constructed hairstyle only uses accessories to bring out a well design. Seeing someone with loads of flowers tells me you are hiding your ability to do a great vintage style. If you can't do it yourself. Have it done by someone early in the day. Study books of how to and practice practice. Don't stick to the easy styles.. and again. Girl with 1940s hat with hair in big twists in back got my attention.

*SHOES.... Sorry but I HATE stripper shoes at events. (don't hate me friends Smile)) but classic styles are so much better with this style of dressing. In Germany the girls all wear saddle shoes for the car show and then dress is classic dresses for the evening dance. I love the saddle shoes.

*PURSES ... lOVE LOVE LOVE the plastic vintage boxes at the dance and straw purses at the car show or pool side parties.

*YOUR ATTITUDE... A smile will light up the room. I could solely love a pinup on her smile. Be welcoming and be approachable. Walking around acting like the event should feel so lucky you came is soooooo ugly. Girls who whisper and talk about the other girls are immature and high school. The event is supposed to be a good time for all so girls acting like this only ruin our scene. It's not a competition or trying to be the prom queen. I just loved the girls who came up to my party and said their sweet opinions and the ladies I was with smiled and welcomed them and took photos with them. All very lovely.. and shows that you have class. Some of you girls need to GROW UP with your catty games and bully attitudes. Unattractive and shows lack of class. You may be pretty but your attitude makes you the ugliest in the crowd and people will start to notice this about you.

I had a great time meeting some online gals, watching the bands, and seeing the lovely Kitten DeVille again after years. kiss kiss I loved watching this young boy swing around the women and the other dancing. Over all it was a fine experience.

Oh and for the guys at the event... you boys were pure perfection! I rate you all a 10! Smile

ok thats it for now.. please add to my list if you have any input for the girls! And again.. just my opinion of what I feel is right from wrong. Smile

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Re: Viva Van's Opinion

Post by Flathead Kustoms on Wed Feb 17, 2010 8:30 am

Haven't been on the forum for ages (I've actually been doing work at work for a change!) but I thoroughly agree with Viva Van's opinions, ESPECIALLY the one about ATTITUDE! I can't stand to see a pinup who would be absolutely stunning if it weren't for her childish-schoolgirl-better-than-the-rest-of-you-for-no-obvious-reasons attitude. Thankfully we don't see too much of it here in Aus (well in Brissy anyway) but when I do see it, it's completely off-putting. Everyone is at a gig or a car show to have a good time, meet new people and just enjoy themselves. There is no need or reason to be rude, obnoxious or petty, in my opinion anyway. So leave the schoolyard childish behaviour where it's usually found - in the schoolyard! Sorry for the rant peoples, but it's one of my pet hates at car shows and gigs....
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Re: Viva Van's Opinion

Post by Bobbi on Sun Feb 28, 2010 8:36 am

I sort of feel like everyone in the "scene" (I hate calling things 'a scene' but what other choice do I have!?) here are elitists. It might be because I'm shy but I think everyone (even the boys) have attitude and superiority issues. I rarely go to any gigs or car shows because I feel looked down on and unaccepted, especially when I was in the pin up contest at Garter Belts and Gasoline (in QLD)!. And that's what I think, no offence meant to anyone!

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Re: Viva Van's Opinion

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