55 years ago when Rock Around The Clock was recorded

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55 years ago when Rock Around The Clock was recorded

Post by lukerock on Sun Apr 12, 2009 5:57 am

Hi Friends,
Today it is 55 years when the song Rock Around the Clock by Bill Haley & HIS COMETS was recorded at Pythian Temple studios for the Decca label and it was actually an modest success because it was a b-side to a song called Thirteen WOmen which it was recorded on the same day. it went to no 23 in the usa that year & it was'nt until a year later as a result of the movie The Blackboard Jungle that starred Glenn Ford, anne Francis,Louis Calhern,Vic Morrow,Sidney Poiter and Jamie Farr(MASH) that the song really took off which it hit no 1 in the USA on july 9th 1955 where it stayed there for 8 weeks. it hit no 17 in the UK in early 1955 which it was released in november 1955 where it went to no 1 and it hit no 1 for 3 more weeks in january 1956, no 5 in september 1956, no 20 in 1968 and no 12 in 1974 which it was re-issued. Bill haley re-recorded the song mANY TIMES OVER THE YEARS INCLUDING FOR THE OPENING CREDITS FOR HAPPY DAYS IN IT'S FIRST SEASON AND IT'S ONE OF THE GREATEST ROCK'N'ROLL SINGLES OF ALL TIME. IT'S JUST SOUND AS GOOD TODAY AS IT WAS BACK AND I LOVE THE GUITAR SOUND ON IT WHICH IT WAS PLAYED BY DANNY CERDONE WHICH HE SADLY DIED ON JUNE 17TH 1954. THE SONG WAS PRODUCED BY MILT GABLER THE UNCLE OF ACTOR BILLY CRYSTAL AND 3 OF THE MEMBERS OF THE COMETS DICK RICHARDS,MARSHALL LYTLE and joey d'ambrose are still touring today.
Rock on and Keep rocking
From Luke

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