2 years since billy thorpe died

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2 years since billy thorpe died

Post by lukerock on Wed Feb 25, 2009 11:03 am

[u]Hi Friends,
I am writing to say that this saturday february 28th will be 2 years since Aussie rocker Billy thorpe passed away from a heart attack and it's still hard to believe it. Billy thorpe was born on March 29th 1946 in manchester,england and emigrated to australia when he was 9 which he settled in brisbane,Queensland in the surburb of Moorooka. He began performing at the age of 10 in brisbane and performed with people Col joye,Johnny o'Keefe,Little Richard,Chuck berry, Jerry lee Lewis which he performed under the name Little Rock Allen and also peformed on brisbane tv like Teen beat. In 1963 he left brisbane to sydney where he joined a band called the Aztecs that featured Vince Melouney, Col Baigent, BLuey watson and valentine Jones which he was replaced by tony barber and played at Surf city in sydney which they played to 200 people a night. In 1964, billy thorpe and the aztecs emerged on the australian rock scene with hits Poison ivy(no1), Mashed Potato(no8), Sick and Tired (no 2) and Over the rainbow(no 1 in 1965) and they were one of the top Australian rock groups in 1964-65. the original line up broke up by early 1965 and reformed the group with 2 members of Max Merritt and the Meteors Johnny Dick(drums) & teddy Toi(bass), Colin Risby and mike downes on guitars and continued having hits with I told the brook(no 1), Twilght Time(no 4), Hallelujah I love her So(n0 3), love Letters(no 2)in 1966, the new breed and word for today(both top 40 hits) as well hosting It's all Happening tv show on CHANNEL 7 which when it finished the 2nd line up broke up by 1967. by the late 60's thorpie reinvented himself as he started to play guitar as he and the aztecs went to a new direction as they were playing loud and hard blues rock which it members including lobby loyde, warren the pig morgan,kevin murphy, paul wheeler, bruce howard and gil matthews and also started Pub Rock. through the early 70's released albums including the Hoax is over, live at the melbourne town hall, aztecs live at sunbury and in 1972 released the classic rock song "most People I know think that i'm crazy" which it's a classic today. in 1972,1973 and 1975 played at sunbury rock festival and by 1975 the aztecs broke up which a year later had his last aussie hit with it's almost summer as he moved to the US> he released albums in the US including Children of the Sun and did business ventures including a successful toy company as well as writing songs for tv shows & movies as well performing with Mick fleetwood(Fleetwood Mac) in the group called the Zoo. by the mid 90's he toured australia regularly as well as writing 2 books Sex and thugs and rock'n'roll and most people I know think that I'm crazy. In 2002 he was one of the driving forces behind the Long Way to the top concert tour which he reformed both the 60's & 70's Aztecs and he was still touring regularly at the time of his death. he just finished making the album Tangier and was doing acoustic shows when he passed away and may the music live on. i saw Billy thorpe 4 times which were-thursday March 20th 1997 @ Wynnum Manly leagues CLub, wednesday March 8th 2000 @ Brisbane Entertainment Centre as part of the Ultimate rock symphony show, Tuesday September 10th 2002 at brisbane entertainment centre as part of the Long way to the top concert and saturday october 29th 2005 twin towns and was supposed to see him @ Kedron-Wavell on friday march 2nd 2007 when i heard the news of his death as my mum told me before half past 6 in the morning on wednesday february 28th 2007 and I will never forget the shows.
Rock on and Keep rockin
From Luke

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