51 years when Buddy Holly toured Australia

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51 years when Buddy Holly toured Australia

Post by lukerock on Fri Jan 30, 2009 7:48 am

[u]Hi Friends,
I am writing to say that it is 51 years ago today that Buddy holly & the crickets started their one and only australian tour back in 1958 and it started on january 30th which commenced in sydney @ the stadium, Newcastle January 31st, sydney February 1st, 2 shows @ Cloudland Ballroom Brisbane on February 3rd and Melbourne on february 4th and 5th which on the bill of that tour were Jerry lee Lewis, paul Anka, Jodie sands and Australian rocker Johnny O'Keefe and the Dee Jays and also the tour was promoted by lee Gordon. the tour was a success and it was around that time that Johnny O'Keefe recorded the wILD ONE which it started Australian rock which actually jerry lee lewis and Jerry Allison(the crickets) did their versions of the wild one but was called in the USA as Real Wild Child. Buddy Holly was to be killed in the plane crash in Clear lake,Iowa a year on February 3rd 1959 but his old band the Crickets are still touring today, Jerry Lee Lewis who survived the scandal as he married his teenage cousin Myra still tours today, johnny O'keefe who went to many australian hits and hosted 6 O'clock Rock,sing sing/the johnny o'keefe show and where the action is passed away on october 6th 1978, his drummer Catfish Purser(the dee Jays) still performs around the gold coast are as Catfish and the Dee Jays and Paul ANka still performs and records today.
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