20 years since roy orbison passed away

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20 years since roy orbison passed away

Post by lukerock on Sat Dec 06, 2008 3:51 pm

Hi Friends,
I am writing to say that today it is 20 years ago when the rock'n'roll world lost an icon with a powerful voice and known as the Big O roy Orbison who passed away from a heart attack. roy orbison was on the verge of a commercial comeback when he passed away as he had recorded with the traveling wilburys(with george harrison,bob dylan,jeff lynne and tom petty) and had recorded the album "Mystery GirL" which was released after his death on february 7th 1989. Roy Orbison started his recording career in 1956 when he recorded for Sun records which he had an no 59 hit in the uSA with "OOby Dooby" as it was his first hit and was with SUn until 1957 as he released two more singles "Sweet & Easy to Love & Chicken Hearted. He worked for acuff rose an music publishing & management firm which one of the first songs he wrote was about his first wife Claudette called "Claudette" which the EVErly brothers had a no 30 hit in the USA as it was the b-side to all I have to do is dream which was the no 1 and went to RCA where he released 2 singles "Seems to me" and ALmost eighteen but did'nt chart. in 1959 through Wesley rose that Roy Orbsion signed up with monument records an small record label owned by Fred Foster and it was not until his 3rd single for the label in 1960 that he would have his first big hit with Only the LOnley which went to no 2 In the USA, no 1 in the UK for 2 weeks and no 8 in Australia and through to 1965 he would have many hits like Blue ANgel,Crying,Running scared,candy man,In dreams, Dream baby,Blue Bayou,pretty Paper, pretty WOman, it's over and many others. in 1965 he signed up with MGM Records which he had singles like ride away,too soon to know,communication breakdown,penny arcade,twinkle toes,there wont be coming home,born to be loved by you and many others which he was to be with the label until 1974. it was by the mid 60's that his career is the usa was waning but in other parts of the world he was still popular in Australia & England. in the 70's recorded 1 album with mercury (i'm Still in love with you) 1975,Regeneration(1977) with Monument and Laminar Flow (1979) with Asylum and in 1980 he won an grammy award for "That Lovin you Feeling AgaiN" with emmylou Harris for actually "Best Country Performance". he was becoming an influence by that time for people like the Bee Gees,Electric Light Orchestra,bruce springsteen AND MANY OTHERS AS WELL AS PEOPLE WERE DOING VERSIONS OF HIS SONGS BY PEOPLE LIKE VAN HALEN,DON MCLEAN,LINDA RONSTADT,JIM CAPALDI AND MANY OTHERS. IN 1986 ROY ORBISON'S COMEBACK COMMENCED AS A RESULT OF A MOVIE CALLED BLUE VELVET WHICH IT WAS DIRECTED BY DAVID LYNCH THAT STARRED DENNIS HOPPER AND DEAN STOCKWELL AND IT CREATED NEW INTEREST IN HIS MUSIC AND IN JANUARY 1987 WAS INDUCTED INTO THE ROCK'N'ROLL HALL OF FAME. ALSO IN 1987 RECORDED AN ALL-STAR SHOW AT THE COCONUT GROVE NIGHTCLUB IN LOS ANGELES WHICH THE BACK-UP BAND FEATURED ELVIS COSTELLO,JAMES BURTON(GUITARIST FOR RICKY NELSON & eLVIS PRESLEY),BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN,BONNIE RAIT,KD LANG,JACKSON BROWNE AND MANY OTHERS. BY 1988 INTEREST IN ROY ORBSION WAS DOING VERY WELL AS HE WAS GETTING THE TRAVELING WILBURYS GOING, RECORDING AN ALBUM WHICH WAS TO BE MYSTERY GIRL AND WAS TOURING AROUND WHICH HE PLAYED HIS LAST SHOW IN HIGHLAND HEIGHTS OHIO ON DECEMBER 4TH. HE PASSED AWAY ON DECEMBER 6TH 1988 BUT THE MUSIC HE MADE WILL LIVE ON FOREVER. HE HAD PERSONAL TRAGEDIED WHICH HE LOST HIS FIRST WIFE CLAUDETTE IN JUNE 1966 IN AN MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT AND WHILE ON TOUR IN THE UK IN 1968 THAT HE LOST 2 OF HIS SONS IN A FIRE TONY AND ROY JNR WHICH THE 3RD SON WESLEY IS STILL ALIVE. HE MARRIED BARBARA IN 1969 AND HAD 2 SONS ALEX AND ROY JNR. ROY TOURED WITH THE BEATLES IN THE UK IN 1963 AND WOULD THERE FOR MANY YEARS. ROY DID HIS FIRST AUSTRALIAN TOUR IN 1961 WITH DION DIMUCCI,JACK SCOTT,RAY PETERSEN AND THE THUNDERBIRDS(AN MELBOURNE INSTRUMENTAL GROUP), 1964 WITH THE BEACH BOYS,PAUL & pAULA,THE SURFARIS AND THE JOY BOYS,1965 WITH THE ROLLING STONES, RAY COLUMBUS AND THE INVADERS AND THE NEW BEATS, 1967 WITH THE WALKER BROTHERS, THE YARDBIRDS,JEFF ST JOHN AND THE MIXTURES, 1972,1973,1975,1976,1980 AND 1983. AND IF YOU HAVE ANY MEMORIES OF SEEING THOSE SHOWS FEEL FREE TO SEND ME AN MESSAGE.

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