59 Cadillac Trailer Towed behind my other Caddy

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59 Cadillac Trailer Towed behind my other Caddy

Post by milt57 on Tue Jun 25, 2013 9:35 pm

Picked up my 59 Caddy trailer today after it was painted, and I think it has come up a treat, all ready for the cruise of a life time next year in March for the Cadillac Nationals, check out ccctn.com.au for more info about the cruise across Australia.

Should have the previews come in from the US soon, as they came out a few weeks ago to do some filming, they are trying to get Cadillac to be the main sponsor for Tail Fins and Chrome TV Show. Would be very cool if they did.

to see some pics check out www.ccctn.com.au

Regards CaddyDaddy

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