Cadillacs Cruzin Cross the Nullarbor or Cadillacs Down Under

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Cadillacs Cruzin Cross the Nullarbor or Cadillacs Down Under Empty Cadillacs Cruzin Cross the Nullarbor or Cadillacs Down Under

Post by milt57 on Wed Jan 30, 2013 9:14 pm

G'day everyone, with 14 months to go, I have a flyer and website and even a logo for the largest Cadillac Cruise ever undertaken in Australia, maybe the world, don't know? In case you don't know its called Cadillacs Cruzin Cross the Nullarbor and when the film crew from Tail Fins & Chrome put the cruise on US TV will be known as Cadillacs Down Under.
The Website to find more information is and if you are in Australia and your Cadillac is up for it, its a long cruise but a gently one, no more that 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the afternoon, and some fantastic places to see, a Trip of a life time. If you don't have a Cadillac or are from overseas and want to join us, let me know, I am sure there will be some seats available.
Latest news is we have a back up support vehicle, that will be traveling along with us, and our first paid sponsor is about to be signed up. And I am almost about to close a deal on an rear end of a 59 Cadillac made of fibreglass (full size) to be mounted on a trailer which I will be towing, so behind my 61 its going to be a long load. I have attached the flyer, please pass it on and around, kicks of March 23 2014 for the 15 days Cruise and ends up at the Cadillac Nationals in Busselton Western Australia. Best regards to you all, Milton Watkins, Keep on Cruzin...

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