Dirty Love Kustom Cycle Show - 7th April 2013

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Dirty Love Kustom Cycle Show - 7th April 2013 Empty Dirty Love Kustom Cycle Show - 7th April 2013

Post by chops on Tue Sep 04, 2012 2:46 am

G'day Crew,

I'm just kicking off this thread as a mate and I are putting on a bike show next year, The "Dirty Love Kustom Cycle Show" (Free to visitors & Entrants).. up in South East Queensland (Australia)... it's a very specific show... as you'll see.. but one that will fit in with this forum very well..!

We'd appreciate any help getting the message out there.. plus assistance with getting as many kick arse bikes there as possible on the day.. plus we're looking for some top vendors to be there as well.. to get the message out there about their fine products, services, biz..!

Temp Flyer, Not final as we'll include all sponsors:
Dirty Love Kustom Cycle Show - 7th April 2013 DirtyLoveShowFlyer_small

Website: www.dirtyloveshow.com.au

We are still in the planning... organizing.. hair pulling out stage.. but so far.. we've scored a tonne of great international sponsors and a few local.. (check the website to view all)..!!!

We are now in the process of looking for any Aus local 'independant' shops.. relevant to the show's kulture, for sponsorship or more so who may be interested in setting up as trade vendors on the day..!?

We are working with the local council to increase the site size.. due to the great interest so far.. and bands are locked in, Pinup Pageant almost full, Art Show kicking off.. food and drinks sorted, and the bike show.. as word gets out.. slowly filling.. but hey.. I want it to be overflowing with bikes.. hence.. so we'll need help getting the word out..!

We are open to any ideas or suggestions.. but please understand.. so far.. this little beast.. is running off our ticket/pocket.. till we get some sponsor dollars in.. so we are limited to our creativity at the moment.. but hopefully that will sort itself out over time..!

This is a not for profit show... our intentions are to just run a show, to hopefully kick off something great in our area.. and maybe thru the rest of Aus..!? Who knows..??

Regards & Respect, Jamie (Chops) Day
Email: info@dirtyloveshow.com.au


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