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Post by andrew666 on Sun Aug 21, 2011 7:41 pm

One of the world's fastest growing sports is ladies arm wrestling. Wrestlers bear such personas as Holly Go Fightly, Wild Irish Rose, Brutal Biceps, Gator Grip and Jenny Kreuger.

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Susan "Armed and Dangerous" Whitney spoke about the basics of competition:

"I always thought of myself as kind of strong, especially for my size," she says, "The thought of testing that notion appealed to me - but mainly, I thought this is something I could win at."

How does it work?

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"Every competition has eight arm wrestlers, and each one of them has a persona and a theme song. Basically, we dress up in costume and become this alterego. There's an outlaw cowgirl in a cowboy hat, who steps out to Wanda Jackson's Fujiyama Mama. Other wrestlers include Amy Smackhouse, the beehived, cat-eyed American cousin to Amy Winehouse; Scarlett O'Scara, the southern belle; Spider Girl, who is covered in web tattoos, and Roller Gurl, the roller girl who turned arm wrestler, because she thought roller derby was soft." The competitions are straightforward knock-out with the losers in the first round entering a plate competition, so everyone gets to fight at least twice on an evening.

Do the girls need much training?

"For the first one, I trained a lot, because I really wanted to win," Whitney says. "Basically, I did a lot of push-ups. I would go to the gym and do chin ups, work with weights. I would simulate the arm wrestling motion. I would make my husband arm wrestle me, have him provide counter pressure and hold the position for a while. After the first match, I found I could beat my husband easily. It makes for a good marriage."


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