Dolly Roll - Hungary's finest

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Dolly Roll - Hungary's finest

Post by andrew666 on Mon Aug 15, 2011 7:42 pm

One of the most unlikely of rockabilly's second wave of stars was Hungary's Dolly Roll. Remember, Hungary in the 80s was still rock-solid communist and rockabilly was viewed with a degree of suspicion - but do you think the rockabilly enthusiasts cared about that?

Their records sold by the shedload - with most of their songs going gold and platinum almost overnight. They were a sensation.

Being Hungarian, their music eventually formed a rich mixture of pop, rock'n'roll, Italian pop opera, gypsy tango and turkish beat - a heady mixture indeed

As the nineties moved into the new century, Dolly Beat's star began to fade - but they still squeezed in a tour of Australia in 2001 which saw them visit Sydney, Wollongong and other venues.


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