Kimchibilly - the new face of rock'n'nroll

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Kimchibilly - the new face of rock'n'nroll Empty Kimchibilly - the new face of rock'n'nroll

Post by andrew666 on Thu Aug 11, 2011 11:01 am

Korean rockabilly The Rock Tigers have just completed their highly successful tour of Asia and the US. To celebrate the tour, they've just released their first English-language album - Electric Travel.

Kimchibilly - the new face of rock'n'nroll The_rocktigers_29135

The Rock Tigers formed in 2001 and have revolutionised the Korean music scene, dominated by girlbands and teenypop. The Rock Tigers have created their own brand of totally outrageous rockabilly music that they call Kimchibilly.

As lead singer Velvet Geena puts it, "What attracts us to this kind of music is the feeling it gives one, the energy, excitement, fun…Kimchibilly is the music that comes from inside us."

The band was recently nominated for induction into the International Rockabilly Hall of Fame, in Jackson, Tennessee. The band members conist of the the gifted Vevet Geena, backed by Eddie Tarantula on lead guitar 'Roy' on upright bass and Jack The Knife on drums.


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