Paul Eng - Russkabillies

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Paul Eng - Russkabillies

Post by andrew666 on Fri Aug 05, 2011 3:59 pm

American photographer Paul Eng has been tracking the growth of Russian Rockabilly and now has an exhibition at the A3 theatre in Moscow:

Eng presents a sympathetic portrait of the russkabillies. β€œThe adherents live as a big family, spending a lot of time together, with the usual tension between more and less fanatic members, or people who adhere to different subscenes, such as psychobillies or Teddy Boys,” he says, β€œThe local leader here is quite young and dressed from head to toe in rockabilly style.”

Two of Russia's most prominent rockabilly bands are The Gagarin Brothers and Madheads:

Gagarin Brothers

Eng points out that Russkabillies stay in costume all the time - in fact, it's not a costume, simply a lifestyle. One he met was a tattoo artist, so it was fine, but he was surprised to also find a distribution manager and an accountant going to work everyday in their full finery!


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